EBZ high-speed roller conveyor

The roller conveyor transports the pallets from station to station within a very short time via a roller system.

The high-speed roller conveyor (HSR) is a transport and positioning system for geometry pallets as commonly used in body shop plants.

The system is distinguished by an extremely short transport duration from station to station of only 6 seconds and its low design height. Transport weights of up to 1300 kg (pallet and car body) can be conveyed without difficulty.

Patented by EBZ, the system only requires one drive and essentially replaces the roller conveyor structure usually encountered today consisting of a lift table and pallet clamping technology.


From planning and development to installation and commissioning, EBZ provides all components required for the conveyor system.

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The roller conveyor conveys the pallets from station to station via a roller system. 6.5 m can be traversed within 6 seconds. Positioning in the workstations occurs in X, Y and Z within this time.

The material to be transported (e.g. a car body) is transported from station to station using the geometry pallet. The pallet is redesigned for you.

Pallets can be turned through 90 degrees with the corner transfer conveyor and up to 360 degrees (reversing) with the rotating unit, enabling changing of the conveyor section direction.

Pallets can be moved transversely on the cross conveyor belt by depositing the pallet on the cross conveyor using the roller conveyor scissor lifting unit. The combination of a cross conveyor and scissor lifting unit facilitates flexible design of the line.

Cross conveyors can be used as a buffer system for pallets, with the pallets being arranged transversely in a row on the cross conveyor.

Pallets transported with an AGV can be fed into the line via a loading point.

Pallets can be fed out and in (e.g. to check the body) using the outfeed car. The car is docked on a roller conveyor element for this purpose and the pallet moved from the line to the outfeed car. The outfeed car carrying the pallet can then be undocked and shifted manually. The pallet can be fed in again according to the same principle.

We are more than happy to offer you other accessories and special solutions on request.

System advantages:

  • Extremely short transport duration of 6 seconds, including positioning in X, Y and Z (for station spacing of 6.5 m)
  • Uncomplicated electrical and mechanical system structure (1 drive & 1 positioning sensor)
  • Very low design height
  • Very good maintenance accessibility

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