Personnel development as the basis of our success

The EBZ Group represents innovation, expertise and high technical standards.

It therefore goes without saying that we aim to invest in the knowledge, methodological skills and, also, the personal development of our employees. The EBZ Group personal development strategy encompasses a variety of modules:

In-house vocational training and the dual studies model

We believe that in-house vocational training and dual studies within the company form the basis of all personnel development measures. We are proud to support around 90 young people as they take their first career steps, and we believe in comprehensive mentoring, the latest educational content and learning facilities, and first class permanent employment opportunities. Find out more:

Vocational training

Dual studies

Two EBZ Group trainees learn how to program an industrial robot.

Further training and education opportunities

After starting your career at EBZ, you can also take advantage of a variety of options for your further career planning. Our objective is to achieve as much as possible together with our employees, which is why we offer both internal and external further training and education opportunities. These include:

  • Sponsored third-level studies following successful completion of an apprenticeship at EBZ

  • On-the-job and, in part, funded advanced training/education as a master craftsperson, technician or master’s degree

  • Exemption agreements with the security of a return guarantee for an advanced training/education measure

  • Internal qualification programs (e.g. young talent promotion program, line speaker qualification, section/project managers, …)

  • And much more …

A dual student learns to manage the companys complex IT system landscape.

Further in-house training and education

Regular participation in internal and external seminars enables our employees to keep their knowledge up to date or expand it to take on new tasks. The choice of training measures is individually tailored to the requirements of the position and personal interests in this respect. This encompasses the following:

  • Training seminars on specific technical subjects

  • Training measures in occupational safety

  • Methodological and social expertise in the context of the EBZ further training and education program

  • Seminars to develop leadership competence

  • And much more …

An internal seminar for our employees. This ensures a constant expansion of knowledge and personal skills.

EBZ as an employer

A prospective technical product designer creates the layout planning of a plant.
Working at EBZ

As an enterprise, EBZ is a global player – with deep roots in Ravensburg.

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