Marriage line systems

Planning, design and realization of automated marriage assembly lines

Drive and chassis components (engine, gearbox, battery, axles, etc.) and the associated body are assembled and bolted together in the marriage line division. The term “marriage line” signifies the union of components and is used frequently in this area.

EBZ provides process-reliable, high-quality systems for marriage lines, adapting the level of automation, cycle times and output volumes to meet customer specifications.

Our service range:

  • Pre-series support: Conducting of tests during prototype phase
  • Set-up and joining station
  • Screwdriving stations with robots and/or linear axes
  • Automated strut bolting
  • Cardan shaft screwdriver
  • Camera corrector
  • Screwdriving (reworking) with handling device
  • Battery installation
  • Sequencer/Pallet changer
  • Mechanization frame + tooling + measurement
  • Own conveying equipment
  • Virtual commissioning of complete system

Own products developed by EBZ:

  • EBZ high-speed roller conveyor
  • EBZ standard roller conveyors
  • Cross conveyors
  • Corner transfer conveyors
  • Scissor lift tables
  • Accessories such as docking points, outfeed cars
  • Worker belt
  • Stacker crane
  • Mounting frame with floating pallets


System modules & materials handling

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