SynchroSpot spotting press

Introducing large molds with the highest levels of precision.

The SynchroSpot sees the development and construction by EBZ of a unique special machine for introducing large molds with the highest levels of precision. The machine design exhibits outstanding synchronization which particularly facilitates tilt-free marriage when placing the upper mold component in the lower part for the first time. A feed motion scaled down to the hundredth of a centimeter range means we can, as it were, close together effortlessly and prevent mold breakage in the event of possible collisions. In addition to the high-precision and synchronous downwards movement, this is achieved in particular through the force measurement indicators on all four press pillars. This force measurement indication also provides information on any sluggishness or asymmetrical force progression that aid us in determining the quality of the assembly process. Any ram movement occurs absolutely smoothly and with a precision stroke, without the need for additional braking on the mold.

With the intelligent and pressure-monitored ram damper, we use the machine for basic spotting of molds (“spot” function). The precision and synchronous ram movement here also enables the achievement of correct spotting without tilting effects.


  • Parallelism 0.02 mm for a 5.5 m diagonal press table
  • No press pit
  • Movement of all main axes without hydraulic oil
  • Very quiet
  • Ground-level accessibility from all sides
  • Monitored ram function 100 t
  • Interior monitoring


Radar technology

  • First press with safe interior monitoring
  • Anybody present within the press is detected, preventing starting of the press.
  • Low accident risk
  • Type examination by employers’ liability insurance association already successful

Control panel

  • 24″ multitouch panel
  • Intuitive operation
  • Own EBZ design
  • RFID reader for user approval
  • Control elements reduced to the essentials
General view of the EBZ Synchrospot.

Spotting with manual control panel

Ram damper

Energy and the environment

  • Use of electric motors instead of hydraulics achieves very high efficiency
  • Brake energy is fed back into the network
  • Low standby consumption
  • Noise level of machine is absolutely outstanding (barely audible)

Smart machine status lighting

  • The color and brightness of each individual LED can be programmed
  • Approx. 100 individual LEDs
  • Own EBZ light control is employed
General view of the EBZ Synchrospot.

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