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Quality demands strong partners.

Purchasing of goods and services is a core component of the EBZ corporate strategy. We have set ourselves ambitious goals, ensuring a high level of product quality that, in turn, meets the highest demands of the automotive industry all over the world. And we expect the same of our suppliers. We therefore attach great importance to reliability, consistently high quality and on-time delivery when selecting our suppliers. We regard cooperation as a partnership, as continuous development of know-how together assures high standards. 



Strategic Central Purchasing of the EBZ Group is located at company headquarters in Ravensburg. We work together with suppliers from all over the world.

Supplier markets in China and the United States are reinforced through local sales teams.

Purchasing in the EBZ Group is divided into four areas:

  • General purchasing
    Purchasing of standard parts, goods and services relating to overheads
  • Technical purchasing
    Purchasing of technical solutions and technologies for plant construction
  • Production part purchasing
    Purchasing of production parts (welded parts, turned parts, flame-cut parts, milled parts, etc.) 
  • Casting and subcontracted service purchasing
    Purchasing of Styropor/Exporit models, gray, spheroidal graphite and steel casting, metal machining services and general subcontracted services for the forming area

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Sales Division Management

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