Try-out Center

Near-series try-out with the latest press technology

We identify all critical component areas in the try-out center and eliminate every weak point – targeted and effectively. We work with tools on our press line until the component or assembly can be produced in the quality you require. This occurs in close coordination with you and our tool design division and through the use of the latest customer-specific press technology. With 12 large presses of differing characteristics, including 2 Schuler servo presses, we can address your wishes in an even more targeted and flexible manner while, simultaneously, offering you a maximum degree of variability. Peak demands can be met within the Group by 3 further 5 m presses.

Our service:

  • Near-series try-out with the latest customer-specific press technology
  • Incorporation of components up to Class A quality
  • Constant comparison between simulation and practice speeds up the achievement of dimensional quality
  • Completion of tools for optimum, fault-free homeline integration

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Norbert Sauter
Pressing Plant Management

+49 (0) 751 886-1407

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