Electrolysis stacks

Development and production of alkaline pressure electrolysis stacks

EBZ Group alkaline pressure electrolysis stacks provide the optimum conditions for cost-effective production of green hydrogen on an industrial scale.

By specializing in the manufacture and development of alkaline pressure electrolysis stacks, we are able to manufacture a stack tailored to your requirements. The know-how we already have from areas such as tool and plant construction also enables EBZ to produce electrolyzers in series and with consistently high quality. EBZ possesses expertise in chemistry, metallurgy and plastics technology for this purpose.

The electrolysis stack is primarily distinguished by the following properties:

  • High energy efficiency: This is ensured through features such as highly functional catalytic active coatings.
  • High hydrogen output: With a rated power of 0.5 MW, hydrogen output can be up to 100 Nm3/h.
  • Robustness: Stacks with a long service life are a prerequisite of the hydrogen industry
  • High-pressure electrolysis: hydrogen production at a pressure of 30 bar(g) enhances efficiency and reduces additional investment costs of downstream compressors for hydrogen storage.
  • Modularity: Thanks to a modular structure, compact EBZ electrolysis stacks can be designed for large-scale projects.
  • Safety: Certification to the highest safety standards and acceptance by the TÜV Süd technical inspection association.

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