Precision contour grinding of cutters and mold jaws

Individual and small series production

Demands regarding the functional characteristics of high-performance tools are growing in toolmaking. We add the final touch to your tool that gives you a decisive advantage in a highly competitive market.

We support you throughout the entire manufacturing process for cutters and mold jaws, from the block cut, milling process, and quenching and tempering process to the final touch.

Our machining center records the geometries of your component with the aid of technology such as an intelligent 3D measuring probe. A process that allows us to dispense with CAD data completely. New high-precision cutters can be created with an exact surface quality, and worn cutters (e.g. from a punching tool) can be overhauled and restored to their original form.

Service portfolio

  • Grinding of components up to 500 mm in length
  • Surface qualities up to Rz 1
  • Digitization of complex profiles
  • Integration of flanks/clearance angles
  • Grinding of interfaces according to resin molding
  • Grinding according to CAD data
  • Grinding of contours without CAD data through digitization of cutting profiles
  • Complete processing of your steel components by EBZ
  • Milling, hardening, and grinding
  • Precision manufacture of cutters and mold jaws for forming and cutting tools


  • Lead time reduction (> 50% time saving)
    • Process optimizing: Transformation of a manual process into a high-precision machine process
    • Ready to install cutters (components) directly from the machine, reworking dispensed with or minimized
  • Quality enhancement
    • Digitization of complex profiles with the aid of the latest scanning technology achieves precision shape accuracy
    • High-precision manufacture of cutters guarantee rapid integration of your tools
    • High surface quality
  • Cost reductions through intelligent process design

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