CFRP / GFRP prototyping

Rapid manufacturing of technical prototypes through in-house design, mold making, component manufacturing and cutting and finishing

  • Materials: CFRP, GFRP, AFRP with epoxy resin or phenolic pre-pregs, in each case as monolithic or sandwich structure (honeycombs, foams and others), with German Federal Aviation Office certificates if required
  • Safer and quicker manufacturing process for flying phenolic pre-preg components from epoxy resin dies with associated CNC trimming and finish
  • Rapid prototyping (3D printing) from simplest polyamide prototypes to functional ULTEM 9085 component
  • Realization of assemblies of laminated and/or printed
    components up to truck size


Part production & small series


Production of a prototype in CFRP.

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Management EBZ NHC Composites GmbH

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