What does EBZ make possible?

Our technology divisions

Laser cladding with powder is employed in a broad spectrum of applications ranging from intricate geometries to complex large-scale forming areas.
  • SynchroSpot spotting press
  • High-speed monotrack roller conveyor
  • Hemming roller cleaning
  • Laser build-up welding
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View of different robots in a body-in-white production system.
Assembly technology
  • Battery assembly
  • Marriage lines
  • Fuel cell assembly
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We manufacture an electrolysis block customized to your requirements.
Hydrogen technology
  • Fuel cell
  • Electrolyzer
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The service portfolio in the area of prototype construction encompasses the manufacture of everything from body sections and assemblies to entire bodies.
Prototype technology
  • Body parts & assemblies
  • CFRP / GFRP (lightweight construction)
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Side walls manufactured by the EBZ Group.
Forming technology
  • Engineering forming
  • Mechanical production
  • Try-out Center
  • SynchroSpot spotting press
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Carbon is used at the EBZ NHC Composites GmbH in the composites business area.
Fiber composite technology
  • CFRP / GFRP molds
  • CFRP / GFRP prototyping
  • Parts & assemblies in CFRP / GFRP
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