Mission & values

WE LIVE AUTOMOTIVE. And only stop when you are satisfied.

The EBZ Group is one of the top suppliers in the automotive industry.

We owe this to the quality of our work. And, most importantly, our employees. To live up to this status, we regard our corporate values as the benchmark for our thoughts and actions.

EBZ is a reliable partner.

Through deep professionalism, dynamic action, and a confident demeanor.

Professionalism and outstanding customer understanding in a spirit of partnership are our hallmark. Added to this is a growing level of performance built on reason and understanding that is reflected in accolades from customers such as the Daimler Supplier Award.

The EBZ Groups mission is characterized by partnership and extends into many different areas.

EBZ is a sound business.

Through confident company performance, reliable products, and stable positioning on the automotive market.

As a business, we have confidence in what we do, thanks to the honest work of all our employees.

Our products are like our employees: reliable, precise and of the highest quality. We enjoy strong positioning on the market. And the future is secure. Thanks to our in-house vocational training – from classic metal-working occupations to dual studies.

EBZ is dynamic.

Thanks to the passion of our employees, customized solutions, and advanced technologies.

We develop the most innovative technologies ourselves to keep pace with progress. We prefer to deliver tailored solutions instead of wearing tailored suits. Passion is highly prized by us, and to be found in every employee.

EBZ is professional.

Our core values are evident in our reliable planning, consistent development, and efficient implementation.

Our processes are reliable, optimized and transparent. And this is also reflected in our planning. We are consistent in our development and in adhering to our values. Our work is rewarded by success, because we focus on the essentials.

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