CNC cutting & fixture construction

  • CNC machining of FRP components, provided or of in-house manufacture
  • CNC machining of plate material made of plastic, foam, laminated fabric, wood and others
  • Dimensions up to 2800 x 1800 x 800 mm
  • Fixture construction of simplest design for individual pieces/prototypes - using PU frames on wooden base plate - to series trimming fixture in high-quality and wear-resistant plastics and aluminum base plates with dimensionally accurate dies, including for clamping the smallest components (e.g. foam)
  • Order-specific adapted implementation of clamping and holding concepts with vacuum or pressure pads/strips, with suckers or vacuum fields, individual or multiple control


Other services

  • Cleaning and maintenance of metallic dies (soda blasting)
  • Repair of fiber composite components and dies
CNC machining of FRP components, provided or of in-house manufacture.

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Milled models
Milled dies
CFRP / GFRP molds