Fiber composite technology

Fiber-reinforced plastics (FRP) consist of a combination of reinforcing fibers and, typically, a duroplastic matrix. The main reinforcing fibers used are carbon, glass or aramid fibers embedded in an epoxy resin matrix. These materials are distinguished by extremely high stiffness and strength and, simultaneously, a very low weight, and are therefore primarily established in the aviation.

EBZ primarily manufactures FRP components and assemblies through a variety of production processes for customers in the aviation and automotive industry.

The focus is on prototypes, individual parts and small series. These include inner lining components for aircraft cabins, tail units for the Zeppelin NT or CFRP automotive body sections. As an approved manufacturing company (Part 21G), EBZ can supply components and assemblies with EASA Form 1 for the aerospace industry. The parts are manufactured with molds and fixtures designed and produced in our own model, mold and fixture construction facility.

Our services in the area of fiber composite technology

An employee of the EBZ Group is working on a serial component made of fiber-reinforced plastics.
CFRP / GFRP molds

Lightweight, temperature-resistant single or multi-part dies made of CFRP or GFRP for the manufacturing of series components made of fiber-reinforced plastics.

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Production of a prototype in CFRP.
CFRP / GFRP prototyping

Rapid manufacturing of technical prototypes through in-house design, mold making, component manufacturing and cutting and finishing.

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Creation of zeppelin wings.
Fiber composite part production & small series of assemblies

Manufacture of components and realization of FRP assemblies in aviation, automotive and industrial applications up to truck size.

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