Aerospace composites

As an approved manufacturing company (21G), we produce fiber composite parts and assemblies for customers in aerospace and the automotive sector. The associated dies and tools are designed and manufactured by us.

Our aerospace composite services

Specialists in technical consulting accompany you from the initial idea to the finished component.
Technical consulting
  • Lightweight components
  • Composites
  • Plastics technology
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Master patterns for manufacturing dies/tools.

We design the optimum solution for you and adapt it to your standards and specifications.

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A model is milled in a CNC machining center.
Milled models

Block materials or castings

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The EBZ Group produces milled single or multi-part dies for manufacturing prototypes, test parts or small series.
Milled dies

Milled single or multi-part dies

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An employee of the EBZ Group is working on a serial component made of fiber-reinforced plastics.
CFRP / GFRP molds

Lightweight, temperature-resistant single or multi-part dies made of CFRP or GFRP for the manufacturing of series components made of fiber-reinforced plastics

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Production of a prototype in CFRP.
CFRP / GFRP prototyping

Rapid manufacturing of technical prototypes through in-house design, mold making, component manufacturing and cutting and finishing

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Creation of zeppelin wings.
Fiber composite part production & small series of assemblies

Manufacture of components and realization of FRP assemblies in aviation, automotive and industrial applications up to truck size

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CNC machining of FRP components, provided or of in-house manufacture.
CNC cutting & fixture construction

CNC machining, fixture construction, soda blasting, and repairs of fiber composite parts and dies

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The measurement with FARO measuring arm contributes quality assurance.
  • Quality assurance service spectrum
  • Operating licenses & certificates
  • Approval as a manufacturing company (Part 21G of the German Federal Aviation Office)
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In the composites division of the EBZ Group, core competencies have for over 20 years been in the production of customer-specific components and assemblies made of fiber-reinforced plastics (FRP), the design and manufacture of the most varied associated models & dies, and CNC cutting of FRP parts and foams for the aerospace and automotive industry.

We employ a variety of manufacturing methods to produce fiber composites, ranging from fiberglass moldings to pre-preg components cured in autoclaves. Production is designed here for initial samples, prototypes and small series. Either individual components or completed assemblies with dimensions up to the size of a car are delivered. Approval as a manufacturing company in accordance with Part 21G of the German Federal Aviation Office (Luftfahrt-Bundesamt) means that we can deliver components with the European Union Aviation Safety Agency certification (EASA Form 1).

We design and manufacture a variety of dies for the production of fiber composites. Adapted to the required service lives, dies for the production of individual parts can be milled directly or laminated in CFRP / GFRP for series production. We believe our core expertise to be in the manufacture, modification and repair of multi-component CFRP or GFRP dies. If necessary, we can also produce fixtures and aids such as drilling templates, clamping fixtures, and silicone membranes and pressure hoses to optimize production.

Aside from the focus on high-quality manual work when laminating components and completion of assemblies, we are also equipped with ultra-modern CNC machinery for processing a variety of materials. We can flexibly cover the production of master patterns, series trimming of the most varied FRP materials or foams, and CFRP / GFRP component trimming on the CNC machines.

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