Assembly systems

Assembly technology at EBZ encompasses the construction of assembly systems for marriage lines, battery assembly, fuel cell assembly and fitting of glass panes and glass roofs.

Our core competence is the design, development, construction, manufacture and commissioning of individual and customized assembly systems, providing everything needed for a successful project. We are a one-stop provider, drawing on years of experience in a variety of sectors and, additionally, continually developing new innovations. The product portfolio ranges from individual manual workstations to fully interlinked and automated process lines. This allows us to provide our customers with a perfect assembly system tailored to suit their needs and perfectly adapted to individual on-site conditions.

Fundamental elements and technologies that play a role in our plants include feeding, insertion, screw fitting, gluing, laser welding, pressing, riveting, cutting, bending, stacking, testing, measuring, removal, palletizing and much more. The latest PLC system enables central programming and control of all assembly and production engineering functions and processes – for optimized automation. 

EBZ assembly systems are prized in a variety of production facilities around the world for their quality, precision, efficiency and flexibility.

Engineering production systems: Our core competency is the design of highly efficient systems for machinery and automotive production. 

Our service range:

Planning, design and realization of automated marriage assembly lines. Drive and chassis components (engine, gearbox, battery, axles, etc.) and the associated body are assembled and bolted together in the marriage line division.

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Planning, design and realization of automated assembly systems for automotive and truck batteries.

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Planning, design and realization of automated assembly systems for fuel cells and fuel cell stacks.

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Planning, design and realization of automated gluing and assembly systems for glass panes and roofs

Gluing is a joining technology that plays an increasingly important role in engineering applications. Gluing enables the bonding of parts and components of different quality and character without altering the geometries of the components, as is the case in applications such as screw fitting.

EBZ provides turnkey solutions for complex automatic systems for gluing glass panes (glazing) and roofs in the automotive industry.

Our service range:

  • Gluing of panes
  • Roof module gluing
  • Glass buffers
  • Glass issuers
  • Centering fixtures
  • Primer application
  • Glue application directly by robot or indirectly by gluing device
  • Glue application incl. 7th axis in application head
  • Robot end effectors with integrated image processing
  • Fitting of windows in the car body
  • Glue nozzle cleaning
  • Measurement

Overview of our assembly system quality features:

  • Customer-specific special products
  • One-stop service provider – from engineering to commissioning
  • Variable linking of individual stations to form complex assembly systems
  • Variable removable plant planning
  • High type and quantity flexibility
  • High availability, high utilization rate over entire service life
  • State-of-the-art interfaces for remote maintenance, operational/process data acquisition
  • Years of experience in the automotive sector

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