Conveying equipment

Are you looking for an efficient, robust, reliable and, simultaneously, innovative solution for your BIW and assembly line conveying equipment? We can provide you with numerous conveying equipment components, covering practically every scenario for conveyor sections in BIW and both unit and battery assembly. From our high-speed roller conveyor and EBZ monotrack for conveyor sections with improved accessibility on the underbody to EBZ heavy load conveying equipment for assembly lines, our portfolio encompasses a broad spectrum of components for the flexible design of your conveying equipment. Our many years of experience also mean that we can address your needs individually and develop special solutions. From planning and development to installation and commissioning, we provide all components required for the conveyor system.

Overview of conveying equipment

The roller conveyor transports the pallets from station to station within a very short time via a roller system.
EBZ high-speed roller conveyor

The high-speed roller conveyor (HSR) is a transport and positioning system for geometry pallets as commonly used in body shop plants.

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The EBZ high-speed monotrack roller conveyor is a transport system developed by the EBZ Group.
EBZ high-speed monotrack

The EBZ monotrack conveyor system represents the systematic further development of the reliable HSR pallet conveyor system. An extremely slim design means that the monotrack system can be exploited anywhere where access from below on the vehicle is required.

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The overhead chain conveyor enables conveying of the pallet or carrier with ergonomic access to the conveyed material from below. 
EBZ heavy load conveying equipment

EBZ heavy load conveying equipment is a transport and positioning system for material, unit and material energy carriers (MAT and MET) usually used in assembly lines for unit and battery assembly.

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