LTO battery technology

The right choice for high-performance applications with frequent charging cycles

LTO battery systems – properties and advantages

Lithium-ion batteries are used today in the majority of applications which require an electrochemical energy storage medium. Various forms exist within this technology which are mainly differentiated through diverse cathode and anode materials. Fundamentally speaking, the technologies can be classified as high energy or high performance. The amount of energy, meaning the energy per weight or volume, is the main criterion in many applications. Other applications see performance playing a predominant role.

Lithium-titanium-oxide (LTO) battery technology, which is also one of the lithium-ion rechargeable battery mediums, is a typical technology classified as high performance. It differs in terms of its structure through the negative electrode (anode). In contrast to the classic graphite anode (e.g. in NMC batteries), it consists of lithium titanium spinel (Li4Ti5O12). It has a considerably greater effective surface than a graphite electrode, thus ensuring high charging and discharging currents and a high cycle life.

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