3D printing

The 3D printing process offers a broad range of application options in operating resources and vehicle manufacturing.

A variety of efficient solutions are achieved as a result, particularly in prototyping, production of individual parts and the manufacture of display models.

In addition to purely 3D printing, the EBZ Group also supplies the complete process chain in this respect, right up to testing at the customer’s premises.


  • Short production times
  • High degree of individualization and extensive design freedom
  • Test prints and trials (prototypes) can be realized quickly and cost-effectively
  • Lightweight construction through weight optimizing, design freedom and fiber-reinforced plastics
  • Cost saving of 65% when compared to conventionally manufactured parts
The 3D printing process offers a broad range of application options in operating resources and vehicle manufacturing.


  • Data handling (NX, Catia, Step, …)
  • Planning services (e.g. template allocation according to type and position, ergonomics analyses, etc.)
  • Design suitable for 3D printing
  • 3D printing according to desired color
  • Manufacture and delivery of all non-3D printed parts (e.g. carbon compounds, clamping points for drilling templates, etc.)
  • Realization of complex assemblies
  • Testing at the customer’s premises
  • Documentation


Bolt templates

  • Usable as production or reworking aids
  • Already available at plant start-up
  • No master body required
  • Speedy and cost-effective changes
Bolt templates are useablee as production or reworking aids.

Drilling templates

  • Clamps, collared bushes, dowel pins, threaded bushes and other elements can be integrated
  • Modules can be designed with shims
  • Use of plastic makes contact with outer skin possible
Picture of a drilling template.

Demonstrators / Prototypes

  • Visualization of components not yet manufactured
Visualization of components not yet manufactured.


  • For quality assurance and inspection of production
  • Tolerances of +/-0.15 mm can be produced
  • Further elements, such as pins and magnets, can be integrated in the gages
  • Cost savings with small quantities
Gages can be produced in tolerances of +/-0.15 mm.

Contour pieces & NC blocks

  • Alternatives to S-green, polyamide, Delrin
  • TPU95A, nylon or ABS possible
  • 2-component 3D printing for realization of different material compositions and material properties
Contour pieces & NC blocks are the alternatives to S-green, polyamide or Delrin.

TCP checks

  • Cost-effective alternatives to conventionally manufactured parts
  • Information can be integrated in the 3D printed part
TCP checks are the cost-effective alternatives to conventionally manufactured parts.

True-to-scale printing of body sections

  • Positioning check on components not yet pressed
A 3D printed component.

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