Technical product designer

As a technical production designer, you create technical documentation for components and assemblies and produce detailed designs with the aid of CAD systems. You will work closely with production during this, applying that which you have learnt directly through involvement in current projects for prestigious automotive manufacturers. Practical applications of your training will be evident in the implementation of designs in our production and assembly, providing you with an optimum start to your future professional life.

This is what you learn with us: 

  • Basic knowledge of metalworking (e.g. filing, grinding, sawing, drilling, turning, milling and thread cutting)

  • 3D design of fixtures, assemblies and forming dies with the aid of CAD programs such as CATIA V5 and Siemens NX, taking technical specifications and standards into consideration

  • Creation of detailed designs and the drafting of workshop production drawings with appropriate dimensioning of components

  • Compilation of accompanying technical documents such as bills of materials, clamping plans, documentation and operating instructions

  • Assessment of manufacturing and assembly processes and the selection of materials, taking their properties and uses into consideration


Duration of apprenticeship:

3.5 years
Apprenticeship begins on September 1st

A prospective technical product designer creates the layout planning of a plant.

What you contribute:

  • A good intermediate high school education
  • A good knowledge of mathematics and physics
  • Excellent spatial perception
  • An understanding of technical correlations
  • A conscientious working style and capacity for teamwork


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Technical/Commercial Training Management


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