FAQs vocational training and dual studies

Tips and tricks on the application process.

You can apply quite simply through our job portal, with or without registering.

This way to our job portal

Complete application documents are important for us, which means you should include the following:

Cover letter:

In addition to the formal structure (address, etc.), we would also like to know which of our vocational training occupations, studies or internships you are interested in. The individual touch with regard to the company and desired profession and the strengths or characteristics that qualify you for the desired career round off the cover letter.


The résumé contains your most important personal data and reflects your background to date in chronological order.

The following information is important:

  • First and last name

  • Address

  • Contact details (e-mail address and telephone no./cell phone no.)

  • Date and place of birth

  • Nationality

  • Parents (name)

  • Siblings

  • Marital status

  • School education

  • Particular knowledge and skills

  • Practical experience (school internships, part-time job, etc.)

  • Particular interests (hobbies)

  • Driving license(s)

  • Date

  • Signature

Add anything that speaks in your favor and could be important to your future employer. The résumé should be one to (maximum) two pages long and free of chronological gaps up until the planned start of training.


These allow you to add more information and specific vocational certificates to your application.

Important enclosures:

  • School reports: Include the latest two school reports. A copy of each is adequate.

Further enclosures could include the following:

  • Confirmations of internships

  • Qualification certificates

  • Evidence of voluntary activities

Following initial screening based on the application documents for vocational training and study places, applicants are invited to a vocational aptitude test.

The aptitude test includes questions on both specific vocational and general educational content. In addition to school grades, the results of the test provide further parameters on the suitability of the respective applicant.

You have already cleared the first hurdle!

If the aptitude test went well, you have qualified for the next round...

The personal impression you make now counts!

Pay attention to the following points:

  • Appropriate clothing: There are differences here, depending on the occupational profile. However, everybody should be aware that their future depends on this. Plain jeans or pants combined with a smart top will be perfectly adequate.

  • Write down any ambiguities and ask about these during the interview.

  • Put yourself in the shoes of the company. What would you like to know about future employees? It is exactly this that you must prepare for.

  • It is preferable to turn up a few minutes early so you can prepare at ease and switch off your cell phone.

You may be asked questions on the following topics during the interview:

  • Motivation/Reasons for your application

  • Performance motivation

  • Education and professional background

  • Personal profile (especially strengths and weaknesses, hobbies)

  • Professional goals

Our selection process begins a year before the actual training or studies commence. The best time is when you receive your end-of-year report before the summer vacation. The selection process at EBZ starts at the beginning of August and continues until about the end of November.


Are you interested in vocational training or dual studies? We will be happy to advise you on the choice of the right vocational training occupation or study program at EBZ.

Carmen Fackelmayer
HR Consultant and Training Officer

+49 (0) 751 886-1142

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