IT specialist

You will learn to configure hardware and operating systems independently in this apprenticeship. You will provide technical support for employees in all IT questions and work actively in programming and the further development of database and software systems. You will participate in international IT projects and become a specialist in the area of network technology. On completion of your apprenticeship, you will be capable of providing comprehensive support and development assistance for the complex IT systems employed in the company.

This is what you learn with us: 

  • Configuration and installation of hardware components, application software, and operating systems

  • Independent user support, including troubleshooting

  • Needs-based implementation and support of innovative IT solutions, taking economic and technical aspects into consideration

  • Setup of network systems and systematic further development of modern system landscapes

  • Application of different programming languages and the implementation of your own development projects in the areas of software development and both web and database programming

  • Implementation of data protection measures (e.g. application of encryption procedures) and data archiving, backup, and recovery


Duration of apprenticeship:

3 years
Apprenticeship begins on September 1st

What you contribute:

  • A good intermediate high school education
  • Good results in mathematics, physics and, where possible, computer science
  • An interest in information and communication technologies
  • Technical understanding and good communicative skills
  • A conscientious and circumspect working style
  • A capacity for teamwork


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Technical/Commercial Training Management


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