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Our culture and values.

In this Code of Conduct for Business Partners, we have formulated and specified the EBZ Group’s expectations of our business partners.
We see this Code of Conduct and the implementation of the principles contained therein as an essential building block for a successful and future-oriented business relationship with our business partners.


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In our first sustainability report we would like to give you detailed information on our approaches and the measures we have implemented.
For us, the subject of sustainability has many facets: it goes beyond purely environmental aspects and for us it means taking on far-reaching responsibility. We want to assume responsibility as an employer for our employees, as a company for our services and products, in our dealings with customers and suppliers, as well as assuming responsibility for our society.

The recognized standards for the preparation of sustainability reporting, the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) in its current version and the resulting materiality analysis serve as the basis for the report.The material topics presented are divided into five main areas of focus on which the EBZ Group focuses: Occupational health and safety; Energy management, emissions & environment; Digitalisation and innovations; Employees; Social commitment and social responsibility.The Sustainability Report will be published every two years in future.


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EBZ Nachhaltigkeitsbericht 2019

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Times are changing. The challenges posed by society and the environment are becoming more sophisticated. We are aware of this and are taking corporate responsibility. For the environment and society, for our customers, and of course for our suppliers, partners, and employees. Because we know that sustainable success is based on both thinking economically and acting consciously. And a corporate culture that relies on trust, individual responsibility, openness, and honesty. Learn more about our values here >>>