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Our tool making expertise is your portfolio.

EBZ develops high-performance tools that are highly precise and deliver process reliability. Living up to our standards requires the maximum level of experience and competency in technical design and production. Especially when it comes to producing outer panel components and complex structural elements. Our engineering competency fuses with experienced artisan skills in the tryout.


As a specialist in forming technology for materials such as the deep draw steels commonly used in the industry, steel, high strength steel, aluminum, and the composite materials CFRP and GRP, our customers can rely on our experience. We have pledged to follow the goal of offering cutting edge technology at the maximum level of quality. For this reason, our worldwide resources include state-of-the-art facilities for mechanical mold processing and assembly, measurement and quality assurance, and optical digitalization. A laser technology center designed to meet the company's needs makes a key contribution to consistent, efficient work processes in sheet metal processing.


We cover the entire tool making process chain and satisfy our customers' expectations up to series production. We incorporate the tools in our own press line. This series-type tryout with the latest, customer-specific press technology simulates the installation phase before delivery. When the tools are first installed in the presses in the customer's plant, our high standards of quality are proven down to the details – from process-proof concept development to efficient realization.