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 From 3D data input to the finshed composite component.



At EBZ NHC Composites GmbH we have specialized in creating prototypes, design modules and proportionate composites. Our core competency is creating GRP and CFRP components and molds.
When realizing a project, we support our customers from the idea or initial 3D model to the functional composite component. We also apply our many years of experience to selecting materials, procedure, and quality stages for you. Our product range extends from simple fiberglass molding in ureol as materials models to high-tech carbon fiber prepreg components cured in autoclaves. In this way, we create individual initial samples, prototypes and small series adjusted to satisfy the individual requirements of our customers. If required, we would also be happy to produce equipment and aids for production optimization such as drilling templates, jigs, and silicone membranes or pressure tubing.


Service overview, composites:
CAD software.

  • CATIA V5 R24


CAM software.

  • hyperMILL and Tebis


GRP and CFRP component manufacturing – production techniques in prepreg or epoxy resin

  • Cutting diverse sheet materials (polyurethane and epoxy resin), typical for master forms and simple molding for prototype production
  • Cutting composite components (GRP, CFRP)
  • Milling various types of foam


Available production techniques for prototypes and small series in GRP/CFRP.

  • Epoxy resin fiberglass molding with and without a vacuum
  • Vacuum infusion
  • Components in prepreg (phenol and epoxy resins) under vacuum
  • Molds in prepreg (epoxy resin) under vacuum
  • All processes can also be cured under autoclave conditions
  • Sandwich components
  • Press technology


Production resources/equipment.

  • Vacuum jigs
  • Manual clamping devices
  • Silicone membranes and pressure tubes
  • Drilling templates
  • Bonding equipment


Other services.

  • Cleaning and maintenance of metallic molds (sodablasting)
  • Repair of composite components and molds